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Kreativ Dental Albury is dedicated to providing high-quality dental care in our state-of-the-art dental office in the Albury Wodonga region.

We aim to deliver confidence and comfort to our patients from start to finish.

We understand how much they appreciate a supportive environment, helpful advice, experienced staff and tailored treatment plans.

Our practice is a family of its own. Each of our team members works closely with one another to enhance the experience for every patient who steps through our front door.

Every one of our staff is hand-selected for their unique skillset and empathetic personality. We don’t just work well together; we enjoy being around each other.

We understand that dentistry is about so much more than just healthy teeth and gums.

It is also about how you function, your appearance and most importantly, how you feel — giving you the confidence to be yourself.

We provide a range of premium dental services, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and children’s dentistry, at an affordable price.

Dental Treatments

Dental Check up

If you’ve fallen behind on dental care and need to get your oral health back on track, we invite you to visit Kreativ Dental Albury, your trusted Albury dentist.

Routine dental check-ups are crucial for detecting potential problems early to maintain a healthy smile and focus on prevention.

Dr Vinayak Chowdhry and staff are here to help you take control of your dental health through regular dental check-ups in Albury.

By scheduling routine check-ups, you can prevent issues such as advanced gum disease, untreated cavities, or broken fillings.

Dr Vinayak Chowdhry assesses the health of your teeth and other oral tissues, aiming to catch early signs of disease to prevent severe problems later.

Our comprehensive check-ups include clinical examinations, preventive teeth cleanings, oral cancer screenings, necessary dental X-rays, and preventive procedures like fluoride or sealants when needed.

We recommend biannual check-ups to remove tartar deposits, perform screenings, and address developing cavities since your last visit.

If it’s been longer than six months since your last appointment, we encourage you to visit our Albury clinic to regain control over your oral health.

As a new patient at Kreativ Dental Albury, you’ll receive a comprehensive examination covering your teeth needs, bite relationship, anatomical head and cheek health, and oral cancer screening.

We prioritise individualised, attentive, and considerate care tailored to your needs, not financial goals.

You’ll have various treatment options, and we’ll ensure you understand the pros and cons of each. Don’t delay your routine exams; they can prevent dental disease progression.

Tooth Fillings

Restore your teeth using minimally invasive techniques and cosmetic filling materials that enhance your smile’s appearance and functionality.

Dr Vinayak Chowdhry promptly addresses tooth decay or broken fillings to preserve natural tooth structure.

Tooth-coloured (white) composite dental fillings allow Dr Vinayak Chowdhry to prepare less tooth surface and rebuild the tooth’s anatomy, preserving your healthy enamel.

These fillings bond directly to your enamel, making them suitable for areas where traditional silver fillings can’t be used.

Each composite filling is carefully matched to adjacent tooth enamel for a natural appearance, creating the look of a healthy tooth.

Many patients also opt for composite fillings to replace existing silver fillings, which can lead to bluish-grey staining over time.

If you suspect a cavity, schedule a visit to address it while it’s small, preventing advanced tooth decay, enamel fractures, and nerve damage.

Dental Veneers

Transform your smile effortlessly with dental veneers. These ultra-thin custom-made shells adhere to the front of your teeth, instantly enhancing your smile’s appearance.

Whether you want to improve a single tooth or undergo a complete smile makeover, dental veneers offer a dramatic and long-lasting cosmetic solution.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are crafted from ultra-thin materials customised to fit your teeth’s front surface.

They create the illusion of new, flawless teeth without the need for extensive orthodontic or cosmetic procedures. Veneers provide immediate results.

Why Choose Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers offer the most aesthetically pleasing approach to smile makeovers.

They can correct various dental issues, including crooked, stained, discoloured, broken, or misshapen teeth.

Porcelain mimics natural tooth enamel, creating a seamless, lifelike appearance. The translucent quality of porcelain ensures that your treatment remains discreet.

The Treatment Process

Your treatment plan will be tailored to your specific aesthetic needs and budget.

Dr Vinayak works closely with each patient to determine the desired changes in their smile.

The dental veneer procedure is typically minimally painful and may not require local anesthetic injections.

After your initial consultation, you can have your porcelain veneers ready in just two weeks following a one-hour application appointment.

Please note that any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. It’s essential to seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner before proceeding.

Discover the transformative power of dental veneers. Contact us for a consultation.

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