If you are looking for an Orthodontist on the Gold Coast Dr. Wong has over two decades experience using all types of orthodontic appliances while staying up to date with the most current advances in the field. He is dedicated to finding the best form of treatment to suit your individual needs and desired results.
He has used Lingual Braces for more than two decades and is treating more than 80% of his current Gold Coast patients using lingual appliances.
He is able to offer lingual braces at costs comparable to the cost of traditional braces.
He evaluates every case individually to determine the most efficient treatment plan to achieve optimum results for the patient.
We treat every patient with the utmost respect always giving them the education and information necessary to make their decisions about orthodontic treatment. Questions from patients are always important and welcome. Our treatment coordinators take an educational rather than sales approach with our patients.
Although the majority of our patients are between the ages of 20 and 40, our current range is from 7 to 61.
Your relationship with your orthodontist is a long-term one, and we strive to provide optimum orthodontic care in an enjoyable environment. We invite you to experience what we have to offer, please call our Robina office on (07) 5580 9908 for a consultation.