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About Withers Dental

We are a highly motivated, professional and hard working team.

At Withers Dental, we are focused on your comfort first and foremost. We aim to provide all the support and information you need to put your best smile forward. We are committed to providing a great experience in a welcoming atmosphere where you can explore our professional treatment options to meet your individual needs.

In every case, our expert clinicians provide an exceptional standard of care delivering quality outcomes. So you can expect incredible results from every aspect of treatment we provide.

Through our Active Maintenance program we work with you and your family to provide the best oral health care. Prevention is always better than cure. This long-term commitment enables us to provide you with personalised care to protect you and your family before problems occur.

We are also committed to meeting your individual needs and keeping our scheduled appointments. We understand from knowing our patients and their families that no one likes to sit in the waiting room for any length of time. Our operators and office co-ordinators will do all they can to ensure your appointment is on time.


Cosmetic Dentistry
New patients
Active Maintenance
Hygiene Team
General Dentistry
Happy Gas and General Anaesthetic
X-ray Imaging
Wisdom teeth


Our focus is on providing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in each of our surgeries. We attempt to place our patients in a friendly and supportive environment where all their questions and concerns are addressed. We realise that each patient that visits our practice is an asset and we do all we can to maintain a lasting relationship with each individual.

Through our Active Maintenance program we aim to consistently monitor the oral health of each patient, in an attempt to prevent any future problems and to address issues before they become major.

We understand that no one likes to sit in a practice waiting room for long and, in an effort to combat lengthy waiting times, we allocate each particular treatment a certain amount of time which is established during the diagnosis. This allows our front office co-ordinators to book a time that is specific to the individual case and means it is unusual for us to be late for your scheduled appointment.

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