The Townsville Dental Centre Mission Statement: The mission of The Townsville Dental Centre is to recognize and treat our patients as individual dental partners, guiding them towards a lifetime of optimal oral health with empathy and understanding. We pledge to pursue continuing education so that we may offer only the finest dental care in a warm, caring and safe environment, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and following strict patient protection guidelines.

Our Vision Statement: Our vision is to strive to be the very best dentists we can by providing the finest dental healthcare in an atmosphere of trust and respect.

Rather than just treating the teeth, we are a general family practice dedicated to treating the whole patient. We love kids and aim to assist our patients achieve their oral health. We have dedicated ourselves to providing our patients gentle and affordable care in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Gum Disease Treatment

Our Services:

At The Townsville Dental Centre our philosophy is one of total care From cosmetic to general dentistry, we’ve got you covered. Being equipped with the latest and greatest in dental technology allows us to provide our patients with quick, painless, and smooth procedures. We are proud to be known as the most reliable Dentist in Townsville.

A comprehensive range of services and treatments are available giving you the widest possible choice when planning your treatment.

• General Dentistry
• Oral Hygiene
• Gum Disease Treatment
• Children’s Dentistry
• Cosmetic Dentistry
• Denture
• Tooth Whitening
• Sedation Dentistry

The Whitening Kits we prescribe are the most effective and most rapid acting whitening kits available. They are an excellent pre cosmetic procedure prior to starting a major course of cosmetic dentistry

• Fillings
• Mouth Guards
• Porcelain Veneers
• Dental Crowns & Bridges
• Root Canal Treatment
• Wisdom Tooth Removal

High Tech Dentistry

Dental Veneers

Townsville Dentists offers complete care for General and Cosmetic Dentistry and known is the most trusted Children Dentist in Townsville. We are specialized in advanced dental technology for Complete Oral Care, Dental Veneers & Mini Dental Implants.

High Tech Dentistry

Dental instruments and technologies
We have the most advanced dental instruments and technologies to deliver the highest standard of dental care to you. Some of the most advanced instruments we have are:

Dental operating microscope, Carl Zeiss Pico Mora:
By using the highest magnification, we can work to very precise and exact standards manufactor

Intra Oral Cameras:
In order to communicate more clearly with you and share our dental knowledge with you, we have digital intaoral cameras.

Digital X rays:
To minimise the exposure of x-rays to you and to insure instantaneous results, we have the latest sensors and phosphor storage plates

Rotary Endodontic and Apex Locators:
These tools enable us to perform endodontics (root canal treatments) to the highest standards

Kavo Daignodent:
This assists us in early diagnosis of dental decay and prescribes appropriate minimally invasive measures or effective preventative measures.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, The CarieScan PRO quickly and easily identifies both decay and healthy tooth structure. The PRO boasts a combined accuracy rate (taken from both sensitivity and specificity) of 94.8%, and takes less than a second per tooth to provide a reading.

Easy for both patient and clinician to understand, the device provides a numerical reading for each site analysed, supplemented by a colour and high, medium or low reading. Multiple readings can be taken per tooth for incredible accuracy. Each reading provided directly related to a sliding scale of probability categories, all of which have specific advice that supports dentists’ judgment in in determining caries treatment and interventions with a tangible numerical value.

The CarieScan PRO is quite simply the most accurate caries detection device ever produced. That means greater confidence for you and peace-of-mind for your patients.

Key Features:
– Uses Electrical Impedance to provide incredibly accurate and reliable results
– 94.8% Combined Accuracy, and fewer than 7% false positives
– Reduces the need for potentially harmful X-rays, which saves time and cost to patient
– Less than a second per reading, meaning more patient appointments per day
– Repeatable data aids ongoing monitoring, ensuring timely preventive treatment/evidence-based care plans
– No need for calibration, readings can be taken consecutively at speed
– Easy to use, handheld device for fantastic usability
– Patient facing display allows for greater patient comprehension of tooth

The Team

Dr Himakshu Vyas :
Dr Himakshu Vyas was born in Nairobi, Kenya but moved to the UK at a very early age. In 1993 , he obtained A Bachelors of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences where he studied the molecular biology of mouth cancers.
Dr. Himakshu obtained his Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree from the prestigious King’s College School of Medicine and Dentistry in 1996. After working in the hospital and general practice services for 2 years, Dr. Vyas opened his own clinic in the heart of London which he ran very successfully for 10 years.
In June 2008 , Dr Himakshu was recruited to work in Australia. He emigrated here with his family. With a strong desire to be the best dentist and treat all patients with particularized care, Dr. Vyas, has now founded The Townsville Dental Centre. He wants every patient to see him not just as their dentist, but as someone who, like them, wants nothing less than the best of care. To further this goal, he regularly builds on his dental skills and knowledge by staying current on innovations in dental care and knowledge of cutting edge dental technology. Over the years, Dr Himakshu has accumulated numerous hours of continuing education all over the world and is currently studying for aMaster’s Degree in Aesthetic Dentistry from the University of London Outside the dental practice, Dr. Vyas enjoys spending time with his family.He is married to Tejal and has two beautiful children Anoushka and Madhava.

It’s all happening at the Townsville Dental Centre at Fairfield Waters!
Now in its sixth month, the centre is proving to be a popular general family practice. And to cope with the growing caseload, the practice has now been joined by Dr Farsana and Dr Lakshmi The Townsville Dental Centre was founded by leading Townsville dentist Dr Himakshu Vyas, who appointed Dr Farsana to her new role. Trained in India, Dr Farsana worked in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates before coming to Australia two years ago where she had worked in Tweed Heads and Canberra as a general dentist before arriving in Townsville. Dr Farsana will be attending to patients Monday to Saturday.

A third dentist has now joined the team at the Townsville Dental Centre at Fairfield Waters. Dr Lakshmi Kamasani trained at the Gulbarga University in southern India, and he operated his own practice in India for 12 years. Dr Lakshmi prides himself in the management of complex restorative dental challenges which he enjoys overcoming with out standing results and extremely happy patients His wife Divya is a software engineer. Dr Kamasani joins Dr Himakshu Vyas and Dr Farsana Farsana in what is becoming a rapidly growing practice.

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