We’ll give you something to smile about
Everyone wants perfect teeth and now there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have them.

Your teeth affect your whole appearance.

A less-than-perfect smile may make you feel self-conscious, while perfect teeth can bring life-changing confidence.

The idea of perfection varies from person-to-person and that’s why at Perfect Teeth, we believe in cultivating excellent dental hygiene. After all, there’s no disputing natural, healthy, clean teeth and gums look best.

Here at Perfect Teeth, we believe in helping achieve a beautiful, natural looking smile that is uniquely yours.

While a visit to the dentist may not be everyone’s preferred way to spend time, we do our best to ensure you are dealt with quickly and efficiently with friendly, understanding staff. And we even have hi-tech entertainment for you to enjoy while in the chair.

We’re a family dentist, here to help your families’ needs as they grow. We realise it’s not always as simple as making an appointment and we do offer an emergency mobile number, qualified point-of-contact staff and aftercare advice. So feel free to call with any questions.

Please browse our site and check out the full range of services on offer in our state-of-the-art clinic, where we’re intent on staying abreast of the very latest technology to ensure every member of your family enjoys the experience of PERFECT TEETH.

Our services… Perfect Teeth make perfect smiles

General dentistry

Our goal is to achieve excellent oral health for every patient, through our personal treatment plans.

By brushing and flossing at least twice a day, you’ll prevent unnecessary tooth decay and gum disease.

Regular check-ups are an essential part of maintaining good oral hygiene. We recommend twice-yearly dental checks, where you’ll receive a scale and professional clean. This also allows us to detect any possible problems at the earliest stage.

Tooth colour restoration: In days gone by, it was common for dentists to use dental amalgam containing mercury for tooth fillings. Fears about the toxicity of mercury in modern times have led the charge toward non-mercury fillings. At Perfect Teeth we can replace old, unsightly fillings with composite resin, a natural looking, ultra-strong material that is almost undetectable.

Cerec: Cerec is a state of the art computer aided dentistry. This technology allows our dentists to make a porcelain crown, inlay or onlay in our surgery in only one appointment.

Mouthguards: Thousands of sporting injuries could be prevented each year through the use of protective mouthguards. Custom fitted professional mouthguards protect the teeth, lips, tongue and jaw from injury and potentially expensive treatment.

Splints: Prevent teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Root canal: Root canals have an unfairly bad reputation. At Perfect Teeth, we believe a better understanding of this treatment helps lessen patients’ concerns, so let’s get a few things straight.

With today’s anaesthetics, a root canal usually feels no more painful than an ordinary filling.
Root canals are necessary when the tooth pulp (inner) becomes infected or damaged. (You may not even be aware of this).
They usually involved a couple of visits, but it’s always better to root canal a tooth, than remove it. Replacing a lost tooth may eventually end up costing you much more.
Over time, a tooth that has been root canalled may become brittle, which is why these teeth often need to be restored with a crown.

Wisdom teeth: Early intervention for wisdom teeth problems means less trouble down the track (leaving you time to ponder your new-found wisdom!)

Implants: Implants are a long term solution to missing teeth. An implant is a titanium screw that is placed in the jaw bone with a crown or bridge attached. We work in conjunction with experienced local implant surgeons to provide our patient’s with this service.

Dentures: Removable replacement for missing teeth, we offer partial and full dentures.


Most people think of braces when it comes to orthodontics. But sometimes we can overcome alignment issues using other preventative measures, before braces become a necessity. We X-ray young patients from an early age, to follow their progress as they grow and detect any underlying problems, which may need to be addressed through the use of modern orthodontics, from plates through to full braces.

Cosmetic dentistry

In a perfect world, we’d all have naturally Perfect Teeth.

While we can’t make the world perfect, we can perfect your teeth.

Discoloured teeth are a thing of the past with professional in-surgery and take-home teeth whitening or bleaching.

Veneers or facings, crowns, bridges and implants mean no more embarrassing gaps or uneven teeth.

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