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Pain Free Dentistry, it really does exist! At Pain Free Dentist Sydney you leave with a smile.

Are you scared, afraid or anxious about visiting the dentist?

At Pain Free Dentist we combine a range of new age dental treatments to ensure you have a quick, simple and most importantly pain free experience. The following is a list of pain free options and techniques used by our dentists to ensure you have a safe and pain free treatment.

Painless Injections

Our specialised injection technique uses a slow delivery system which administers painless injections. Dr. Lisa Chong, provides sedation options that greatly reduce discomfort and help patients to relax before, during, and after dental procedures. This makes the dental procedure feel much shorter and easier for patients resulting in a true Pain Free and pleasant experience. Dr. Lisa Chong is extensively trained in many types of advanced dentistry and is committed to providing patients with the most advanced, gentle dental care.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a sedative pill which you take an hour prior to your dental treatment allows you to be really relax and is pain free.

Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry offers patients the advantage of being completely relaxed throughout the session. This type of sedation is monitored and administered intravenously by a qualified anaesthetist. This method is considered to be much safer than general anesthesia. Sleep dentistry allows the patient to drift off to sleep on the dental chair, the patient may experience some degree of amnesia.
Dental Check up

Dental check ups on a regular 3-6month basis ensures the preclusion of any unnecessary procedures as our doctors are able to provide preventative dentistry, and maintain your oral health.

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A cure for your pain and phobia

Dr Chong is unique in her treatment of fearful patients. Her 15 years in dentistry has enabled her to explore the most effective ways of treating patients who are anxious and apprehensive of any form of dental work. Dr Chong provides a holistic approach to dentistry by enhancing the pain free experience through NLP, Hypnosis, oral sedation and sleep dentistry. Her gentle, caring and understanding manner creates a welcomed and comforting environment to ensure you leave relaxed and smiling.