Here at Greenslopes Dental we aim to change your view of going to the dentist forever. Owner Dr Ken Pih has designed a surgery in a stylish and modern fashion. Ken’s design allows patients to watch Foxtel and see their records while receiving their treatment. The business has flourished since opening in January 2005. Dr Pih said the success was a combination of his friendly staff a relaxing atmosphere and providing the latest in technology.

Cosmetic dentistry plays a large role in the surgery’s treatment and teeth can be restored with white fillings. Greenslopes Dental places emphasis on customer service and making patients feel welcome. Greenslopes Dental is a Preferred Provider for MBF and HCF health funds. Teen dental vouchers and DVA patients are also welcomed. The staff will always try their best to fit in same day treatments for toothaches.


White Fillings

The modern way to restore a tooth is with a white filling or composite filling. These fillings come in many different colours so the natural colour of the tooth can be replicated. These fillings will bond to the tooth structure and will therefore reinforce the tooth and can prevent tooth fracture. These white fillings are superior to the silver, mercury fillings in this fashion.


Crowns are porcelain caps that cover the tooth and replace missing tooth structure. Being made out of porcelain, they are very strong and can make a weak tooth healthy again. They can also be used to improve a person’s smile as they cover the underlying tooth. Thus they can correct tooth colour and shape.


Bridges can be used to replace missing teeth. If a tooth is extracted, it can leave behind a gap that makes chewing difficult. The teeth on either side of the gap can be used to support a porcelain tooth and thus the gap will be filled. A bridge is cemented to the teeth, so it is not removable. From this point of view, a bridge will feel like a natural tooth when chewing.


Though there are more teeth saved these days, the need for tooth extraction still exists. We aim to make this procedure as efficient and least painful as possible. We treat many cases of wisdom tooth extractions too.

Root Canal Therapy (RCT)

RCT aims at saving a tooth that may otherwise need extraction. Such a tooth is usually in a lot of pain, where the nerve of the tooth is infected by decay. This procedure aims at saving the tooth structure but removing the infection within the tooth and thereby also treating the pain. The nerve of the tooth is replaced with a rubber based filling. It is usually preferable to save a tooth rather than taking it out.


Veneers or facings can greatly enhance the look of a tooth. Usually performed on front teeth, both colour and shape can be improved. Not as strong as crowns, this option may not be for everyone, but it can be a very efficient way to improve one’s smile.

Tooth Whitening

The popularity of whitening teeth and thus improving one’s smile is increasing. By applying a whitening agent to one’s teeth, the tooth colour can be lifted by up to 8 shades lighter. The whitening agent is applied via a custom made mouthguard for half an hour per day, and used for up to 3 weeks. We have had excellent results using this method of tooth whitening.

Preventative Care

It is important to keep both teeth and gums healthy. Regular dental checkups allow for oral health to be maintained, or to be able to treat dental problems early. Regular professional teeth cleaning will minimise the risk of gum disease and decay. Bleeding gums and toothaches can be prevented in this fashion.


Teeth can be replaced by partial or full dentures. Though this method of tooth replacement is not as natural feeling as other methods, it can be an efficient and cost effective way to restore a person’s bite. Dentures can incorporate metal so as to be made smaller and stronger. The visible areas are made out of plastic though so as to appear as natural as possible.

Advanced Dentures

Dentures can incorporate crown technology so as to cover as little gum as possible. Being made as small as possible will mean that they will feel more natural than traditional dentures. Advanced dentures are still removable and can thus allow a person to efficiently clean the surrounding teeth, and prevent those supporting teeth from having any dental issues.

Mouth Guards

Custom made mouthguards a far superior to anything you can buy at the chemist as they are thicker and they fit better. Since they are a better fit, they do not move as much in the mouth and breathing is much easier too. A mouthguard will protect the teeth and minimise tooth and lip trauma. Many different colours are available to choose from.

Greenslopes Dental’s opening hours are:

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We are at 5/582 Logan Rd, Greenslopes QLD 4120.
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