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Conveniently located in the heart of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, Exceptional Dental has been totally re-equipped with latest dental technologies to offer a comprehensive dental overview treatment plan for all our patients.

At Exceptional Dental all of your needs are catered for. We pride ourselves on delivering complete dental health care through our range of Restorative and Cosmetic dental treatments. We are committed to achieving optimal dental health for you and your family. Our expertise using our latest dental technology will ensure we can achieve the very best results.

Upon visiting our practice you will find a staff of caring people willing to listen to your concerns, needs or wants. We will explain all aspects of your dental care involving both treatment and preventative strategies in a pleasant and relaxing environment. Our team at Exceptional Dental will build a partnership with you based on trust and understanding. We will help you to make choices for our teeth and supporting tissues in accordance with your needs and wants, all to improve and maintain the health and appearance of your smile.

We reserve time each day for more urgent consultations.

Our Services

Exceptional Dental on the Gold Coast Queensland pride themselves on caring for our patients & their well-being.

General Dentistry is an important step in achieving stable, long term oral and general health. Research indicates that inadequate oral health can increase your risk of a stroke, heart disease, respiratory disease and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, good overall health may be enhanced by a healthy mouth.

Good oral hygiene review with routine check-ups, are essential for good dental and overall health. These visits will not only continue to make your teeth and gums feel fresh and vibrant but also help to prevent tooth decay, periodontal disease and consequent potential tooth loss in later years.

The replacement of old expanding amalgam fillings in teeth where thin remaining pieces of surrounding tooth structure are at risk of fracturing, and where cracks are often visible, will prevent more extensive treatment in the longer term as well as dramatically improve the appearance of those “dark grey” teeth.

We do not use metal to restore teeth. Only tooth coloured composites or porcelains.

You are never too old or too young to begin caring for you teeth. Please click on the links below for our top tips for brushing and flossing:

» The Right Way to Brush
» The Importance of Flossing

Suffering from a chipped front tooth, root exposure following gum recession or minor imperfections? The team from Exceptional Dental on the Gold Coast Queensland, specialise in restoring your teeth.

Composite Bonding represents just one segment of Cosmetic Dentistry and is used to repair smaller individual tooth defects. It can be used for more extensive coverage treatments as a less expensive alternative to porcelain crowns and veneers but has its limitations. Utilising materials that match the shade, translucency and texture of your natural teeth, Composite Bonding creates discreet yet attractive results.

Composite Bonding can usually be completed within just one visit. This treatment is minimally invasive and virtually pain-free. Often used as an alternative to Veneers, Composite Bonding may be used to restore teeth that are discoloured, chipped, cracked, or to correct minor imperfections.

When undergoing treatment, the Dentist will prepare the tooth by lightly etching the surface, and coating the tooth with a bonding liquid. Once the liquid has set, we will then apply a plastic resin and sculpt it into the desired shape. When the resin has set, it is trimmed and polished to a natural finish.

Rejuvenate, restore and protect your teeth with porcelain crowns at Exceptional Dental, located in the Gold Coast Queensland.

A crown is a restoration that gives total coverage over the affected tooth, the porcelain cap replacing the old enamel and fillings that have been removed prior to its fabrication at our ceramic studio. It is bonded onto the tooth and cannot come off.

Crowns are prescribed for many tooth conditions arising from:

Excessive grinding of teeth
A large broken down filling
Ageing teeth with gum recession
After a Root Canal Treatment
Straightening of crooked teeth
Severe enamel erosion
Heavily stained teeth that cannot be whitened

For many years, traditional metal-based Crowns have been used to strengthen or rebuild teeth. Today, thanks to the latest advancements in Cosmetic Dentistry, Porcelain Crowns are now an effective aesthetically pleasing option. Porcelain Crowns may be made to match the exact colour, texture and translucency of your existing teeth. They look and feel so natural and no one will even know you have them!

Bridges are simply an extension of crowns whereby a missing tooth may be replaced by crowning teeth on either side of that missing tooth and joining two crowns together to form an artificial tooth over the missing unit. This whole unit is bonded onto the adjacent teeth and cannot come off.

Bridges are prescribed for the following reasons:

To improve appearance with a fixed appliance
To prevent the teeth adjacent to the gap from shifting and tilting
To maintain the natural bite
To improve chewing ability
To even the stress loading on the remaining teeth
For all crowns and bridges requiring dental ceramic laboratory fabrication, at least two appointments will be required and a temporary crown will be fixed during the time until the crown/bridge is permanently fixed onto the teeth.

Definition of “Cosmetic”

“To return to original appearance”; “beautify”: intended to improve somebody’s physical appearance.

With the aid of modern technology all dentistry should be “cosmetic” and therefore all Dentists should be “Cosmetic Dentists”

One of the first things people notice is your smile. Here at Exceptional Dental on the Gold Coast Queensland, we specialise in a variety of cosmetic dentistry services that will enhance your smile and appearance.

For those who are unhappy with the appearance of their smile, it can have a significant impact on their personal and professional lives. Your smile dictates how you feel about yourself. If you are embarrassed or self-conscious about your teeth, you may hide your smile or not smile very often.

When we engage in conversation with another person we automatically look at their eyes and mouth (because we all subconsciously lip read). Therefore we will consciously or unconsciously notice the status and colour of their teeth.

Our self esteem is most commonly measured by our own appearance and its impact upon others. Our teeth and smile represent an EXCEPTIONALLY important part of our impact upon others!

Cosmetic Dental treatment has the potential to change lives. Today, through the various scientific advancements in the field of Dentistry, it is possible to restore virtually any smile to healthy symmetry and youthfulness.

Considered to be the ultimate blend of art applied to dental science; Cosmetic Dentistry encompasses virtually all dental treatments. That is:

Minimal Invasive Dentistry
Tooth Whitening
Oral Hygiene Monitoring
Composite Bonding and Restorations
Tooth Replacement with Bridges or Implants

Even the most subtle change in your smile can make a dramatic difference in the way you look and feel by reshaping existing front teeth. A low cost painfree one visit treatment to realign slightly, crooked and chipped teeth. Your friends and relatives will wonder what is different about you. It is conceivable that within just one to two appointments Exceptional Dental you could so dramatically change your look and image

The Smile Emporium

The Smile Emporium is an entirely new service launched at Exceptional Dental in March 2008.

The Smile Emporium is a new department in our practice, specifically designed to help and encourage our patients to maintain a long term beautiful and healthy smile.

We will work with you to achieve optimum dental health and well-being and will prescribe individually tailored home tooth care and oral health maintenance programs to best suit your dental and oral needs.

The Smile Emporium also offers the very best dental care products available ranging from electric toothbrushes to mouth rinses and various other oral cleansing products, all at professionally discounted prices in support of our recommended prescription. The brands and products we carefully research and recommend will be available for you to purchase during your consultation.

Where better for children to be introduced to dental care than in our Smile Emporium environment, and where they can be encouraged and shown how to look after their own teeth.

We believe that a child’s first experience of dental care should be in a non intimidating environment, and preferably before any invasive treatment is necessary.

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