Welcome to a family style Brisbane dentist that’s here to help and give you all the dental options openly and honestly. That’s what we’re all about here at Dental Options! And that’s good to know when you consider that so many people are afraid of that trip to the dentist, because of pain and/or a big bill that might follow!

At Dental Options, you can access a broad range of dental services, tailored to you and at a competitive price.
Whether it’s a routine dental check up or dental emergency…
From the moment you walk through our clinic doors, we provide you with the care you need to relax, so we can do our work to help you achieve optimal dental health. Our approach to dental health revolves around education – particularly preventative care education – and education goes hand in hand with options.
We understand that you want dental care that’s as individual as you are, so our team takes the time to assess your situation and provide you with a range of dental options that suit you and what you want.
Couple those options with our exemplary chair side manner, convenient Brisbane CBD location and reasonable fees, and you’ll be smiling all the way to…your next dental check-up!
So experience our difference today and let’s talk options!

They say behind every great company there is a great team…and the same goes for dental practices!

In 1983, Dr Arnaldo Avenia developed a winning dental care concept: a family style dental clinic that provided open and honest dental options and preventative care advice to help people keep smiling and stay smiling!
Today that concept is a reality and since opening its clinic doors all those years ago, Dental Options has welcomed an increasing number of clients. The real reason behind the success of our practice is our team. Each one of our team members is dedicated to the job of educating and helping people achieve optimal dental health, and that dedication shines through in the smile of every patient we treat.

At Dental Options, we’re all about providing you with exactly that: options! And that’s why we offer you a wide range of dental services to get you smiling…and keep you smiling!

Everybody deserves the best when it comes to oral health, and that’s why we offer you a fantastic selection of dental services to keep you smiling.
We take the time to help and inform you when it comes to the different choices available concerning optimum dental health – and we’ll do so from a position of providing you with top quality dental care.

Click below to find our more about each of our dental services.
+ Teeth Whitening
+ All Ceramic Crowns and Bridges
+ Tooth Coloured Restorations
+ Dentures
+ Preventative Care (Cleans and Polish)
+ Root Canal Therapy
+ Wisdom Teeth Extraction
+ Implants

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