At Dental 206 we take great pride in our ability to provide you with one of the North’s Most Comprehensive and Professional Dental Clinics for the dental needs of your family.

In Order To Serve All Our Patients
…We Really Do Listen!!

Have you ever been to a dentist and you’ve felt that you’re not
getting your views and feelings across?

Have you ever been unable to discuss any treatment options fully?

Have you ever felt like a number?

At Dental 206 we really do take the time to listen. We offer a full dental consultation where you can discuss with us how you feel, ask the pertinent questions, receive logical explanations, understand all treatments offered and have a full explanation as to why, sometimes, treatments are not advisable.

This one on one discussion will serve you better.

Your Smile Reflects The Real You Therefore We Understand Fully Your Need To Know!

Following on from your initial check-up and consultation any treatments recommended will be fully detailed giving you a greater understanding.

Questions such as what is bonded composite resin, why is root canal performed in 3 stages, benefits of crown and bridge work, cosmetic procedures. In fact any questions you have will be fully explained.

At Dental 206 it is our aim to help you to understand fully any treatments, dispel any misconceptions you may have, provide detailed information regarding the costs of any procedure and any health insurance rebates applicable.

It’s your smile, you deserve only the best dental service, fully explained, so you too can preserve the look that is you.Details about treatment procedures can also be found at – consumer information and frequently asked questions.

Your Focal Point Is A Beautiful, Whiter Smile That Says More In An Instant Than Words Can Ever Say!

At Dental 206 we appreciate that fact and offer to you the famous DayWhite ACP Tooth Whitening System.

Causes of tooth discoloration include the consumption of highly coloured foods such as beetroot and lollies, soft drinks, red wine, coffee, tea, antibiotics, nicotine, trauma in your life or even senior years.

The advanced tooth whitening system from Dental 206 works on your teeth while sleeping, thereby eliminating any disruptions to your lifestyle.

After 4-5 days, depending on your preferred level of whiteness, you’ll physically see the transformation, your smile will be whiter and brighter, boosting your self image and confidence. You will radiate.

With The Help Of 21st Century Technology
We Can Show You The Need And Show
You The Treatment… Wow!!

Rather than squinting at tiny X-rays we can project your teeth onto an LCD monitor which clearly displays any damage needing treatment.

At Dental 206 we aim to provide you with the best dental treatments by enabling you to see first hand what is required. No guess work, you are fully informed prior to and then after the treatment.

At Dental 206 we strive to keep you in the loop on any dental treatments clearly and accurately.

Allow Marian Elliman To Guide You Through All Aspects Of Oral Hygiene And Oral Health

“All of us want to stay healthy”, says Marian Elliman “and that includes keeping all our lovely natural teeth”.

With that in mind, at Dental 206, we can provide a Dental Hygienist who can examine your teeth and gums and provide necessary advice pertaining to correct brushing techniques and other aspects relating to gum disease, saliva flows and tooth wear. Careful consideration now can avoid cases of periodontal diseases later.

For the sake of your smile and lifestyle all our patients should consult with Marian regularly.

Who is Marian Elliman?

As a true North Queenslander and as a graduate of School Dental Therapy in 1978 and as a graduate of Dental Hygiene in 1992, combined with 10 years experience in a specialist’s orthodontic practice, Marian joined Dental 206 during 2003.
As a valuable addition to the Dental 206 team, Marian is able to provide the help needed.

Patients really appreciate the help she provides and proves that an aromatic coffee with a lamington can be enjoyed without affecting that smile people love to see.

Taking Out The Worry When Little Johnny Gets Injured At Football Or Lovely Sarah Cops It On The Chin During Her Dance Class

Our North Queensland lifestyle has us actively involved in sports and the arts along with regular recreational activities such as bushwalking, camping or even ‘bobbing for apples’.

Accidents do happen.

Australian Dental Association’s Sub Branch Weekend And Public Holiday Roster. This roster is your guarantee that quality dental care is available on weekends and public holidays.

Now you can get on with life and all the mishaps
that can occur feeling secure in the knowledge that
quality dental care is always available.

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