Welcome to Daisy Hill Dental. We have created our website to provide you with an extension of our continuing patient care. Here you will find information about dentistry, dental care, procedures and treatments.

As dentists, we are also patients ourselves and know the importance of understanding your dental needs and the options you have prior to making any decisions. We believe in providing you with the information and choices available so that you may make the most informed decision possible. At our practice, we believe in treating people, not just their teeth and therefore are dedicated both our patients oral and overall well being.That’s why will take the time to explain your options and answer any of your questions. Our staff will work with you to help you choose the best treatment plan to suit your needs. Simply put, your best interest is our best interest!

Our wholistic approach recognizes that oral health has a significant impact on general helath, well-being and quality of life for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Both time taken to select appropriate care and ongoing support and encouragement to maintain it are fundamental to achieving the best oral health for each individual. Once you have achieved dental helath, we are able to offer a complete range of cosmetic options to complement your oral care.

As a team, we are commited to ongoing improvement so that we can serve your needs, improve your health and make you smile!

Thank you,
The Daisy Hill Dental Care Team

About Us

After you see us, we assure you your teeth will:
– Look better
– Feel better
– Chew better
– And be easier to clean!

We try our hardest to see you on time and will always see you the same day you are in pain – just make an appointment.
Our practice philosophy is based on providing high quality, long lasting dentistry combined with information and support to ensure that good preventative care can be maintained at home. Most of our existing patients only require infrequent visits and we are always happy to meet new people and build new relationships with new patients. We are aware that changing to a new dentist can be stressful and worrying. We understand that it important you have complete confidence in the professionals who are providing your care. Knowing this, if you are new to us we invite you to come and see what we’re like and what we do. Everyone is always welcome!

If you are new to the area and have not visited a dentist in a while or are just looking for a change then we will be delighted to meet you. Many people find the prospect of joining a new dental practice quite daunting. With our new health focused approach to dental care, we have left the old stereotypes of dentistry behind. We believe in providing you with information and choices and then allowing you to decide how you would like to proceed. Once you have achieved dental health, we are also able to offer a complete range of cosmetic options to complement.

We know that you will have many questions that you would like answers to. If you have any questions or queries we urge you to contact us and discuss your worries in person. If you have a question but don’t wish to give us a call or make an appointment why not email us! We are always happy to help. As part of our ongoing objective to provide the best care to our patients, we believe in a commitment to the ongoing improvement of our team in order to offer you the best possible dental experience. We don’t just treat teeth, we treat people and are dedicated to our patient’s oral and overall well being. Our aim is to serve your needs, improve your help and make you smile!

If you have any special requests, please let us know how we can help to serve you. All dentists are not alike. They have different skills, background, training technologies and approaches to their work. As such we also understand that all patients are not all alike and that they too have different needs, wants and desires. Our talented and caring team is committed to providing our patients with a comfortable, relaxed environment with exception dental care and the answers to all their dental questions. Our treatment plants are customise in order to bring about a lifetime of big beautiful and healthy smiles.

Our Services

Beautiful, healthy teeth convey an image of youth, health and happiness. A healthy mouth is important for good general health and comfort. Difficulty with eating, unpleasant taste, bad breath, discomfort and pain in the jaws and head can all be corrected with appropriate dental care.
Good looking teeth and fresh breath boost self esteem and confidence. Although we are able to offer very sophisticated and complex solutions to dental problems with treatments at this practice, we are most proud of the simple easy treatments that can be carried out to achieve happy smiles. Our aim is to help you look good, feel good and protect your dental assets painlessly!

Infection Control

Once you have come to our practice, you will realize that we are fastidious in maintaining the highest possible level of cleanliness and infection control.To this end we have a B class autoclave, a device which ensures sterilization of hollow instruments, common in dental practice today. Your safety is extremely importand and by exercising strict policies regarding hygiene, you couldn’t be in better hands.

Emergency Care

If you have an emergency please contact our surgery as soon as possible so we can attend to you as fast as possible.

If the emergency involves a tooth that has been knockout by trauma, please handle the tooth as little as possible and shore it in a container of milk (not water) Bring this with you when you come to the surgery. Please do not rub or attempt to wash the tooth as this may damage it. Contact the Surgery as soon as possible.
New patients are always welcome and we always endeavour to provide attention to anyone in pain on the day of their enquiry.

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Saturday 8:30am – 12:30am

To make an appointment, please call our office.

Phone: (07)3290 0262
Address: Daisy Hill Medical Centre, 11 Allamda Drv
Daisy Hill QLD 4127
Email: daisyhilldentalcare@live.com.au