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Belle Dental Offers Various Cosmetic Solutions – White Fillings, Teeth Bonding, Root Canal Therapy, and More

Looking for a cosmetic dentist? Belle Dental offers affordable cosmetic dentistry including veneers for teeth, dental crowns, dental bridges, white fillings, root canal therapy, teeth bonding and dental implants.

We are experienced in conservative dentistry for worn teeth and dental erosion. By using teeth bonding and white fillings, we can provide more affordable cosmetic dentistry, beautiful smiles and minimize the need for root canal therapy.

About Our Dental Care – Belledental Practice Philosophy

Belle Dental Provides Conservative Dentistry Solutions for Your Teeth’s Protection and Preservation


Our primary focus is planning – no plan is a plan to fail. Our plans conform to the concept of ZERO BIOLOGIC COST dentistry (zero biologic cost link in 4 ways to minimize your dental care). All plans start with an examination, necessary x-rays and study models.

Basics First:

We always address the basics first. This is the very basis of conservative dentistry. All of the dental care that we have demonstrated in photos on this site RELY on GOOD BASIC dental care. The basics are:
Good oral Health: Sound, clean, decay free teeth, gums and fillings – absence of infection

Good bite: Correct bite and healthy bite relationship to the jaw joint (temperomandibular joint)

Comfort: ease of function during eating and speech

Good basic tooth colour: Light tooth colour (if tooth colour is a concern)

If the basics are good we can confidently build on these basics to provide for your cosmetic requirements. Often times the basics are enough!

Conservative Dentistry:

In everything that we do, we endeavour to be the most conservative that we can be. God only gave you a certain amount of tooth – we will be as careful as humanly possible with your tooth and make every effort not to remove a speck more than is required to properly restore function and cosmetics. This is integral to the concept of zero biologic cost.

We specialise only in a number of disciplines – if treatment is required outside these disciplines we will refer you to a specialist who is excellent in that field.

Fundamentals First:

Belledental has a policy of placing health and function FIRST. This means that all plans begin with the addressing of health and function FUNDAMENTALS FIRST, with definitive treatment (eg crowns, bridges, veneers and implants) scheduled in the later appointments in your plan. These comprehensive treatments will then integrate properly with you your core dental treatment.

The greatest value / health benefit anyone can receive from conservative dentistry is the timely replacement of a deteriorated restoration. Consider these points:

There is a greater profit margin in 1 crown than in 5 fillings – we will always primarily recommend the 5 most key fillings.
A well placed filling, is in most instances, a technically more difficult procedure than ‘cutting a tooth down’ for a crown. However, a well placed filling is the ideal core for a tooth that does require a crown, or may require a crown in the future. If your dentist can’t handle fundamentals – he can’t handle complex – a well placed filling is CRITICAL to the success of the crown!
In everyone’s mouth, some teeth have a greater strategic importance to maintenance of good health of the teeth and jaws – every belledental plan IDENTIFIES the strategic teeth and makes recommendations about these teeth FIRST.
If you wish to simplify your dental care – prevent the need for root canal therapy. Timely replacement of fillings (this is a principle of conservative dentistry), before the need for root canal therapy will not only prevent the need for root canal therapy, but also possibly delay the need for a crown (all teeth that have root canal therapy will require more durable restoration usually in the form of a crown).
What conclusions does belledental draw from these points?

Belledental thinks 5 fillings, on strategic teeth requiring restoration represents better value than 1 CROWN.
Often times, a tooth requires a well placed filling or one of belledental’s CRC fillings (link to CRC fillings)
Prevention and minimization of the need for root canal therapy IS ESSENTIAL to the maintenance of good healthy teeth and jaws.


About Your First Appointment at belledental

For all patients that we see for the first time, belledental offers a comprehensive visual examination, including an OCS (a careful check of all the soft tissues to screen for any soft tissue pathology), usually 2 x-rays, photographic records and sometimes impressions for study models. If you would like to have tooth whitening, we need to take impressions for study models. These same models will be used for both the construction of whitening trays (if you are undergoing tooth whitening) and assessment of bite / teeth / jaws for treatment planning purposes. The fee for this appointment – including study models is $183. We offer HICAPS facilities as well as accepting eftpos, cash, Visa and Mastercard.


X-rays form a very important part of our records – they assist in detecting disease / failure of restorations by allowing us to ‘see’ in-between teeth and underneath fillings – areas that we cannot usually see into. The dosage of radiation for 2 x-rays is similar to the dosage of radiation experienced on an interstate flight. If x-rays are not taken, we take no responsibility for any disease or failed restorations that are missed. Generally, we recommend updating these screening x-rays every 2-3 years.

As part of this examination, if there is any treatment to be done, we provide a written comprehensive treatment plan that outlines number of visits required, durations of appointments, estimated fees per visit and a discussion of expected outcomes / concerns / details regarding the recommended treatment. This treatment plan forms a ‘road map’ that delivers us to your expected outcomes. It will be presented to you by one of our trained staff so that you may understand how we intend to undertake your dental care and so that you can satisfy yourself that what we are offering you is in line with your desires / expectations. It also forms a fundamental consent between us.

Many people choose to progress through their treatment at their own pace – if this is the case, the belledental treatment plan forms a list that allows us to cover, in the most efficient manner, your dental care even if it is spread over a number of appointments.

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