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As teeth are one of the first things we notice about a person, it’s worth looking after your smile. Visiting a good dentist and dental practice is the ideal way to ensure that your mouth and teeth stay healthy and attractive. That’s why at Arana Plaza Dental we offer you the very best dental care.
Welcome to Arana Plaza Dental- family dentist in Arana Hills. Here you will find a large volume of information about different aspects of dentistry and the services we provide for our patients.


For Our Dental Services you can find the information below :

Improve Your Smile

•Regular Checkups
•Teeth Whitening
•Tooth jewels

Fix Broken Teeth and Cavities

oWhite Fillings
•Inlays/ Onlays

Take Care Of Your Bone & Gums

•Regular Checkups
•Deep Cleaning

Replace Missing Teeth

•Implants- implant and crown cost only $2800

Preventing Future Problems

•Regular Checkups
•Occlusal Splint
•Disclosing Tablets
•Proper Brushing
•Proper Flossing

Dentistry can now enhance your smile. Advances in Porcelain and other materials allow us to restore your mouth with Tooth Colored restorations. Porcelain veneers, tooth colored fillings, Bleaching, Bonding, Porcelain crowns and bridges,invisalign are some of the topics covered in this website.
We are well versed in all areas of modern dentistry and committed to providing a full range of general and cosmetic dental options to help you achieve a cleaner, healthier, and more attractive smile.

If you need to or want to look better, and feel better, we will help you by sharing our knowledge about current procedures using implants, veneers, tooth whitening, periodontal therapy, and many other preventive and cosmetic restorations, as well as the option of using sedation during your treatment.
If needed, we will use our intraoral camera to educate you. Then we will work with you to help select the form of treatment that will restore your oral health, and discuss the responsibilities you have for the daily care of your teeth.