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Kingsford Dental was established more than a decade ago and since then has continually expanded.

At Kingsford Dental, we value our patients highly. Our seamless reputation is proven by our numerous loyal patients that have been coming back ever since they first came to us.

Our Dentists

Dr Terence Wong

Dr Terence Wong was born and raised in Hong Kong, and he has migrated to Australia in 2001 to study his Dentistry degree in University of Queensland and subsequently to start Kingsford Dental in 2012.

Dr Terence Wong prides himself of his attention to detail and honesty that allows him to always provide an honest opinion to his patient, listen to his patient’s need and to perform any dental treatment with his skilled hands.

Dr Terence has always been very proud of his mechanic mind and hand skills. When his mechanic skills married his dental science knowledge, he became a great dental engineer, particularly in the field of dental implantology and restorative dentistry.

His passion in dentistry is to provide comprehensive dentistry, to help people who suffer dental pain, difficulty eating, and to improve self-confidence due to missing teeth and social embarrassment.

Dr Terence has equipped Kingsford Dental with the most advanced dental technology including high definition dental photography, dental digital radiograph with reduced x-ray dosage, 3D x-ray machine to help assess if his patients are suitable to receive dental implants, state of art digital scanner and miller that can produce a precise ceramic crown/tooth cap within the same day to provide convenience to his patient, dental microscopes that allow him to practise minimal invasive dentistry to conservatively repair or rebuild his patient’s teeth and lastly a very comfortable dental chair that patient can relax during treatment.

In Dr Terence’s treatment room, you get to lie down on the latest cushioning dental chair, watching Netflix or YouTube on the ceiling for your peace of mind, we even have headphones to mask the treatment noise and a blanket to keep you warm.

If you have problems with chewing, embarrassment with your smile or just simply want to live the best version of yourself, talk to Dr Terence Wong, he is more than happy to help you out.

Dr Sarah Ooi

Dr Sarah Ooi was born and raised in Malaysia, she came to University of Adelaide to obtain her Bachelor of Dentistry degree in 2003. Subsequently, she moved to Sydney to be with her family and married Dr Terence Wong in 2012. She has joined Dr Terence Wong in Kingsford Dental since 2015.

Dr Sarah Ooi has had dental treatment experience in her teenage years and she understands that dental treatment can be unpleasant, scary and daunting if patient feel that they were not understood, given choice of treatment and in control with their decision for their health.

Therefore, Dr Sarah Ooi believe that every patient has the right to be understood fully, given full choice of treatment and be guided to choose a treatment decision that is best suited to their needs and budget. Dr Sarah Ooi is proud that most of her patient believes they have had a good experience with her approach in patient care.

Dr Sarah Ooi has special interest in Cosmetic dentistry where she can utilize her special training in cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics as very useful tools to help her patient plan a smile make over, be it a small or large one.

Her patients have reported significant improved chewing function and confidence boost after smile makeover veneers treatment or a combination of orthodontic / Aligner treatment with veneers treatment. She believes that patient swho likes their smile are more likely to look after their teeth for life, and be responsible to their own dental health more than one that is embarrassed about their smile.

If you have a problem with chewing, feel embarrass with your smile or just simply want to live the best version of yourself, talk to Dr Sarah Ooi, she is more than happy to help you out.

Dr Alex Yick

Dr Alex Yick graduated from the prestigious University of Melbourne with a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree. Subsequently, He has moved back home to be with his family. In Sydney, he has joined Kingsford Dental from 2019.

Dr Alex’s passion is to help young and old patients regain confidence in their smile, get rid of toothaches, gum bleeding issue and rebuild confidence in their own dental care.

Dr Alex believes in providing comprehensive dental treatment where he will listen to his patient’s need. He aims to provide a full range of treatment options and provide guidance to help his patient choose the treatment option that is best suited to their needs and budget.

Dr Alex’s passion in children dentistry grows as he will look after your little kiddies just like his treating his own nieces and nephew. Dr Alex is also passionate about cosmetic dentistry, such as direct or ceramic veneers to help patients’ improve the shape of their teeth, improve their smile and confidence in themselves.

If you believe that you need some confidence boost with improved smile, or you simply need to improve the health of your teeth and gum or your little ones need some gentle introduction to dentistry, who is better to see than the famous Dr Koala –

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