Dentures at Varsity is located in the heart of Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast and is only 3 minute drive from Robina Town Shopping Centre. Our friendly team aims to provide the utmost care for all patients ensuring top quality dentures at an affordable price on the Gold Coast.
We have a very large design selection so that you get that perfect seamless smile. Our Boutique style clinic also allows you to feel comfortable at all times while waiting or being treated by one of our qualified Prosthetists.
We are registered Dental Practitioners with our Masters in Oral Health and Dental Prosthetics. Both our Prosthetists are On Call and available to talk 24/7 about any inquiries you may have.
Adrian Simic graduated from Griffith University on the Gold Coast with six years of study; he achieved a Bachelor’s in Oral Health in Dental Technology and Masters of Dental Technology in Prosthetics.
Mladen Simic is also an experienced Dental Prosthetist, with a specialty in creating Implant Dentures.
Combined, this father/son duo both share over 25+ years of experience in the industry.
Byron Bindley has a particular interest in resolving difficult, aesthetic and functional problems for patients wearing a dental prosthesis or wishing to transition.
Our philosophy at Dentures at Varsity is to create your dentures with Artistry, Passion, Integrity and Design. We believe that standing by this philosophy followed by giving you the utmost care, we will provide you with a unique experience and quality product.
Each treatment is carefully planned out with you and every step is approved along the way to ensure that you are 110% happy with the end result.
Our goal is to make you feel empowered with confidence and pride every-time you smile.
Whether being a Denture Reline, Repair, Tooth Addition, Chrome Denture, Partial Denture, Full Dentures or Mouth guard; every service we provide contains a unique fragment of our passion and love no matter how big or small the service will be.
We value your opinions, your voice needs to be heard!
Therefore we take all your ideas on board from items such as; Magazine cut-outs of smiles, old photos and drawings. We always provide you with a design of your dentures before finishing them, to ensure that you are confident with the final product.
Once you are a part of the Dentures at Varsity team, it is our duty to provide you with the highest quality of care.
Even after the Denture is created, you are welcomed back for free check-ups as we understand the mouth does change from time to time. We want your new Denture to be as comfortable as possible while you’re eating, speaking and most importantly smiling!